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Some remarks regarding the following drawings:

First of all there is the difference between factory drawings (mostly marked "HSK" + number for Henschel) and the official "Wa Prüf" drawings (Drawing number starts with 021). The factory drawings may contain data regarding prototypes, designs that never made it to production etc, whilst the "Wa Prüf" drawings are drawings that have been officially accepted. That said, even these should be looked upon carefully since the Panzers were under constant update and changes may have made it to production for a certain period, or they may not even have gotten there at all.

Secondly, you should consider that these drawings have originally been drawn by hand and therefore will contain some inaccuracies.
On top of that, they have been stowed for many years, folded and due to moisture changes they have warped.
This means that when there is no dimension specified, you should be very careful measuring from the drawings since there will be considerable deviations.