Tiger E survivor serial numbers

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Some forum topics resulted in useful information on these serials. Here it is joined in a matrix with accompanying information sorted.

Serial Bare hull Chassis number /
Fgst. Nr.
Bare turret Finished turret Mantlet
  Plate on driver's control
panel containing Henschel
and Wegmann numbers
Hull roof, near
driver's hatch
"bwn" or "amp"
On steel "T-stanchion":
+ "dkr" = Henschel
+ date and Waffenamt
Top of roof armour
"bwn" = Krupp = early
"amp" = DHH = late
Stamp and plate inside
near toothed turret ring
"cvd" = Wegmann
250031 dkr 42
Bovington Turret 250139
Hull     250122

250122 dkr 43
(D.W. to Tiger1 p106)
Kubinka   250315
250427 ??? ??
Photo needed to
confirm this number
250332 amp   none
Saumur Turm nr: 250857
Fahrgestell nr: 251114 dkr

(Photo publication not authorised)
251114 dkr 44
(Photo publication
not authorised)
    amp 347
Unknown 251113 amp
  amp 250
Snegiri /
  251288 amp
251227 dkr
251106 amp


Snegiri chassis
Snegiri Tiger chassis number
Note "dkr" below the number!
(Photo Yacov)
Snegiri bare hull number
Snegiri bare hull number
(Photo Alexander DIW)
Snegiri bare turret number
Snegiri bare turret number
Note the Waffenamt stamp near "amp"
(Photo Alexander DIW)
Vimoutiers bare turret number
Vimoutiers bare turret number
"CMF" = badly stamped "amp"
Kubinka bare hull number
Kubinka bare hull number
(Photo Alexander DIW)
Kubinka bare turret number
Kubinka bare turret number
(Photo Alexander DIW)
Aberdeen serial
Aberdeen Tiger serial
(Photo Paul Hocking)
Bovington mantlet number
Bovington mantlet number = "40"
(Photo John Nicholson)
Kubinka mantlet number
Kubinka mantlet number = "none"
(Photo Alexander DIW)
Saumur mantlet number
snegiri mantlet number
Snegiri mantlet number = "none"
(Photo Alexander DIW)
Vimoutiers mantlet number
Bovington serials
Bovington Tiger serials
(Photo courtesy of Bovington tank museum to Simon Fuller)

Bare turret number:
Turret (turm) will be stamped with a 25xxxx number on the top of the roof armour facing the sky, and usually have codes "bwn" or "amp" alongside the number. These codes stand for "Krupp" and "Dortmund-Hoerder Huttenverein", both steel fabrication companies who will have rolled or cast the steel for the turret and welded together the basic empty turret. "Krupp" tends to be on early Tiger and "DHH" on the later production models.

Finished turret serial number:
The empty turret is then delivered to "Wegmann" who will complete the turret 100%, they will then stamp another 25xxxx serial number and their ordnance code "cvd" inside the turret and also fix a data plate to the inside of the turret near to the toothed turret ring. This data plate will also carry their name, the 25xxxx turret assembly number, a date and their code "cvd". The completed turret is then delivered to "Henschel".

Bare hull number:
Hull (Wanne) will be stamped with a 25xxxx number on the roof of the hull, usually near the drivers hatch opening facing the sky and have codes "bwn" or "amp" stamped alongside also.

Finished Hull serial:
The empty hull is then delivered to "Henschel" who complete the entire vehicle, "Henschel" will stamp a 25xxxx number on the inside of the hull on a steel T-stanchion that is on the drivers side, alongside this 25xxxx number will also be their code "dkr", a two digit date (44 for example) and a Waffenamt. This is the real chassis number and metal on which all this is stamped is usually left unpainted and outlined in red paint. (Approximately 60mm x 50mm)

Finished Hull/Turret serial:
All this "Henschel" chassis information including the "Wegmann" turret number is also repeated on a data plate that is fixed to the drivers instrument panel.

Common mistakes:
The Saumur Tiger with it's internally stamped chassis number 251114, dkr, 44 and a Waffenambt is correct, but the Vimoutiers Tiger that is often quoted as 251113 is incorrect, 251113, which is on the top plate of the turret roof, has the code "amp" alongside, so that 25xxxx number is for the empty turret only from "Dortmund-Hoerder Huttenverein" the steel company. The real Vimoutiers Tiger chassis number is inside the hull, but as the hatches have been welded shut since the early 1970's when it was recovered, it is doubtful that anyone knows this number today.
It is almost impossible that the 251113 empty turret number will be the same as the chassis number, for sure there will be a Tiger with the chassis number 251113, but not this one, to have any of the major parts like the empty turret, empty hull, complete turret and chassis numbers matching is virtually impossible. For example the Saumur Tiger I chassis is 251114 but the turret is 250857, and its says just that on the surviving data plate also. Notice how far apart these numbers are, maybe suggesting an older rebuilt turret that has been reused on chassis 251114 ???

Regarding the Aberdeen Tiger, there is confusion possible with some other numbers:
250012 = An other tank's serial number which was placed, part of a repair job.
250022 = Part number
250058 = Part number

The research and text for this page was mainly done by Paul Hocking.
John Nicholson and Alexander DIW, Yacov and Simon Fuller provided the extra photos.